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Mission statement

Headache Care for Practising Clinicians (HCPC) is an independent organisation working through research and education to improve headache management by practising clinicians worldwide. HCPC includes all healthcare professionals with an interest in headache, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other practitioners.

About HCPC

HCPC is the premier worldwide forum for the practising clinician with an interest in headache. Its founding members include MIPCA and primary care opinion leaders from Europe, North America and Japan. The main forum for HCPC is an annual 3-day meeting, which addresses practical aspects of headache management encountered in everyday practice. In this way it is different, although complementary, to the other, more research-based headache meetings (e.g. the International Headache Congress and the American Headache Society). The meetings have attracted an international audience and significant sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry.

The first HCPC meeting took the form of two advisory boards of primary care headache experts and took place in 2002 in London and Vienna. These meetings resulted in the development of international guidelines for migraine management in primary care, which have since been published in a peer-reviewed journal:

Dowson AJ, Sender J, Lipscombe S et al. Establishing principles of migraine management in primary care. Int J Clin Pract 2003;57:492–507.

Newsletter and slide set on the international guidelines:

The second meeting was held in Monte Carlo from 3–5 October 2003. Over 100 delegates took part in a wide-ranging programme of lectures, and research and poster presentations. Many of these presentations have been published in the first two issues of Headache Care.

The third meeting took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 1–3 October 2004, and over 200 delegates attended. The programme was extended to include discussion sessions and workshops, as well as the more usual didactic presentations. Major topics included educational initiatives, management of individual headache subtypes, diagnostic initiatives, new treatments, development of management algorithms, practical aspects of managing headache in the clinic and hot topics.

The fouth meeting took place in Madrid, Spain, from 28–30 October 2005.