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Migraine in Primary Care Advisors



MIPCA is the premier society in the UK dedicated to the management of headache in primary care, and has strong links with the Migraine Action Association (the UK patient support group), academic societies and governmental groups. It is a founder member of the Headache UK umbrella group, which promotes the importance of headache at a national level, both medically and politically. MIPCA is also closely involved with the UK Primary Care Neurology Group, and was a key driver of its initiation. MIPCA currently has almost 1,000 members, mostly GPs, but with significant numbers of nurses, pharmacists and other practitioners.

MIPCA runs three special interest groups, on research, education and how to set up a headache clinic, and members are encouraged to take an active part in these initiatives.

In association with Librapharm Ltd, MIPCA publishes its own journal, Headache Care, dedicated to the publication of research on the management of all types of headache in the primary care setting.

MIPCA is a founder member of the Headache Care for Practising Clinicians group, which organises an annual 3-day congress on practical aspects of headache management for an audience of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who are interested in headache.

Members receive regular newsletters on particular topics of relevance to headache management and at the moment also receive a complimentary subscription to Headache Care.