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Migraine in Primary Care Advisors

MIPCA is pleased to make available revised versions of its headache educational modules. We now have eight modules, which have been updated to include the latest medical research and better tailored to the needs of GPs and other professionals working in primary care. The eight modules are as follows:

  1. Clinical features of migraine and other headaches.
  2. Comorbid illnesses associated with migraine.
  3. Diagnosis of headache.
  4. Principles for the management of headache in the clinic.
  5. Acute treatments for migraine.
  6. Preventive treatments for migraine.
  7. Development of a ‘GP Toolkit’ for headache management.
  8. Management of chronic migraine.

As before, the modules include slides with associated explanatory text, and full references. On completing each module, the clinician is encouraged to complete a quiz that tests the knowledge obtained. This quiz is marked online and, if a satisfactory mark is achieved, a certificate can be downloaded. 
The modules can be accessed direct from the MIPCA website, or directly via Registration is simple and takes only a couple of minutes.

These revised modules were developed by MIPCA staff, in consultation with an expert advisory board, comprising Drs Pothen Alexander, Paul Ballinger, Peter Brookes, Rachel Kilner, Susan Lipscombe, Nassif Mansour and David Watson. We are especially indebted to Dr Peter Brookes for his review of all modules for scientific accuracy and from the perspective of the practising GP.

Prior qualifications

Those taking the modules should be healthcare professionals with a professional qualification. GPs, nurses (nurse practitioners and practice nurses) and pharmacists are all eligible. Complementary practitioners are also eligible, if they are accredited by appropriate professional bodies.
No specific knowledge of headache is required to take the modules, beyond that already achieved by the above healthcare professionals.
The modules are not suitable for patients, who can obtain educational materials from other sources, e.g. The Migraine Action Association ( or The Migraine Trust (

Taking the modules

Note for users of MIPCA Learn prior to 2013

The entire MIPCA Learn service has been replaced in 2013. Users with an account in the previous MIPCA Learn system will need to create a new account and therefore previous attainment cannot be carried over to the 2013 system. Our apologies to those inconvenienced by the changes.