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In partnership with Librapharm Ltd, MIPCA publishes the journal Headache Care: education, research and management for the practising clinician.

This is a new (first issue 2004), international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing research on the management of all types of headache in the primary care setting. The journal publishes a wide variety of material including:

Further information is contained in the following document:

To date, two issues of Headache Care have been published:

Accepted material is first published online, in its final form, on the Headache Care FastTrack site within 3–6 weeks.

Headache Care welcomes articles on all aspects of headache management of interest to the practising clinician (GPs, nurses, pharmacists and other practitioners). Articles can be submitted by email to the Editor-in-Chief (Dr Andrew J Dowson; or the Editor, North America (Dr Stewart J Tepper; Both editors are happy to discuss the suitability of proposed articles prior to submission.